If your organization is like most, besides the few enterprise projects that are in play at any given time, there are scores if not hundreds of smaller projects simultaneously in-flight. These smaller projects may include enhancements, process improvements, report changes, system maintenance, upgrades, or small infrastructure projects.

Like in many PMO organizations, there is a need across the Project Portfolio to establish governance, uniformly communicate status, and decrease cycle time for making decisions and escalating issues. There is also a need to look across the project portfolio to view trends of project status, i.e. identify departmental impediments, project management performance, and view performance as a result of implementing an improved or new process or tool.

We provide provide consulting services to project organizations to better manage project portfolios. Whether those projects are big or small, customer facing or back office.

There are a number of benefits to better managing your project portfolio. Contact us to discuss these benefits and the project portfolio management solutions for your organization.

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Every organization has scores of projects simultaneously in flight at any give time including…

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