Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence, Big Data and Performance Management

Data Management & Warehousing

Trying to get to one version of the truth?

Let the business knowledge, development methodologies and technical expertise of Gain Consulting help you leverage your company data. Start basing bottom-line company decisions on hard facts and information, data that we can place at your fingertips. Your historical operational processes have been collecting, storing, and maintaining large quantities of data for years. We can help you access this valuable data and transform it into strategic information that can be used to grow your business.

  • Data Warehousing
  • Dashboards and Balanced Scorecards
  • Big Data: Operational, Customer or Transactional
  • Performance Management
  • Business Intelligence
  • ETL

If your company is like most companies, this data sits untapped in multiple systems, files, and databases. If these systems are not integrated, the data is difficult, if not impossible to access. Converting this data into integrated and accessible information transforms it into a substantial asset that can generate significant returns on investment.

Our experienced consultants are the key to your success. After we take the time to understand your business environment, we will use our proven methodology to develop a unique, customized approach to effective data warehousing and data mart development for your company.

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