Interconnected Management

ERP Consulting

There exists many challenges when ushering in new or maintaining existing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Applications.

Gain Consulting partners with organizations to assist in the proper ERP selection and implementation. Gain Consulting creates a ERP implementation framework that optimizes teamwork all the while rigorously monitoring schedule, scope, budget, resources, and quality.

There are many challenges and pitfalls to implementing an ERP application correctly. Gain Consulting provides consulting services to navigate through these distracters, problems and pitfalls.

From a business process standpoint, the goal of many organization is continual process improvement and optimization. The primary ERP application or ERP consolidation may be a key factor in driving vertical or horizontal alignment, process improvement and optimization. Gain works across workstreams. The end result being a material realization of project benefits.

We help you with part or all of an ERP implementation cycle:

  • ERP Strategy, Business Optimization, Gap Fit/ Gap
  • Pre-Implementation Management
  • ERP Program Management
  • ERP Requirements, Development, Implementation & Delivery
  • Full ERP Life Cycle Management

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