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Web Consulting & Social Media

Gain Consulting has provided web and online consulting for over twenty years. We have provided the most sophisticated online and web solutions across various markets. These solutions have continued to emerge and evolve into social media and other interactive solutions. We have helped clients from creating strategy through full lifecycle implementation.

Gain Consulting provides website design and web enabled products to promote your organization, develop online products or services, streamline operations and extend web based customer service. Gain Consulting provides services for SEO optimization for clients to drive traffic while filtering prospects to achieve better sales conversion.

eLearning has been around for many years. Gain Consulting has been at the forefront eLearning for over 15 years. If your vertical is in higher education, K-12 or corporatate, we offer a full breadth of services and products for those getting into online learning for the purpose of internet mediated distance education or making on-site instruction more accesible. With proven experience we can take your theory or ideas and transition your organization into implementation and best of class practice. The various eLearning services include: course development, student/instructor interaction, virtual campus creation, student processing & registration and instructional design.

Social Media is now a requirement for companies to be credible. It’s now expected for organizations to extend and legitize their message and interact with their clients. Social media can also be leveraged to drive traffic to your site and generate prospects that lead to sales. You need to know the rules for search engines and social media sites to drive the needed traffic that is qualified and ready to buy. A social media presence not only helps SEO, but it provides an outlet for content distribution and referral traffic for your website.