iPPM - the SAP PPM Solution

With the ever increasing scarcity of resources, both capital and human,
and the mounting pressure on business to continually improve delivery,
companies have begun to turn to project portfolio management (PPM)
to ensure the optimum allocation of resources to projects to maximise returns.

Project Portfolio Management aligns projects with corporate strategy thereby enabling a company to prioritise their portfolio thus allowing the effective allocation of resources to projects and therefore improving delivery.


Project Portfolio Management is an important discipline, which has delivered positive impacts to organisations, providing senior management with reliable information to assist in the decision making process and enabling operational transparency thereby empowering management to respond effectively and efficiently to rapidly changing circumstances.


Integrated Project Portfolio Management (iPPM) is a suite of best practice PPM process, organisational change management and technical enhancements based on SAP Project Portfolio Management framework.

iPPM provides customers with an award winning structured approach to understanding and adopting PPM within their environment using industry specific road maps and key technical enhancements. iPPM will not only help diagnose and understand the challenges within your environment it will define a clear road map, underpinned by SAP PPM technology and our enhancements, to improve your organisations performance.


iPPM addresses the problems associated with multi project environments spanning across organisations and provides a holistic integrated solution taking into account three key dimensions of process design, change management and best practice technology. iPPM provides a transaction platform based on the SAP PPM solution all the while being fully integrated with SAP ERP, the end result is a fully transparent and integrated project portfolio management platform supported by aggregated dashboard views that can be used at an executive level to determine the appropriate projects and investment pattern to be followed by the company.

iPPM can be applied to multiple portfolios such as New Product Development & Innovation, Capital Project Portfolios and IT Portfolio Management to name but a few.

iPPM enables organizations to:

  • Increase alignment between project planning and business strategy
  • Balance your portfolio based on risk, mission critical objectives and investment types
  • Focus resources on projects with the greatest benefit
  • Improve resource utilization by capturing, prioritizing, and matching strategic projects to available supply of resources
  • Gain clear financial visibility and control of capital projects
  • Streamline and enforce approvals for funding, resource, gate stage decisions, and ongoing monitoring
  • Increase visibility to identify project anomalies and risks, and make mid-course adjustments
  • Develop common project methodologies across the enterprise
  • Reduce project overlaps and yearly carryover
  • ITWeb Business Intelligence Excellence Award (2010)
  • Gold in SAP’s Quality Awards for the African Market Unit
  • Silver in SAP’s Quality Awards Award in the new business application category for Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA)

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